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Top 5 heels for Women

Heels Heels Heels....... The never ending joy that I get just hearing that single word! I am sure its the same way for you ladies too! Images of the luxury brands Gucci,Fendi,Jimmy Choo,Neous just keep flashing in my head me and take me into the beautiful world of high heels.

Oh! good God.

The AWE we get after wearing them. They are the best creations known to me.

BUT initially they were not created for women but for high class men to show off their societal rank. Oh yeah that's true but I am sure we are glad that eventually women are the ones blessed forever with the gift !

Today heels are known to be as the woman's thing. They are being worn in different styles,color,occasions. There are all sort of heels available as work wear or as a date night and many other ways. In all this confusion of a variety of them available,we often get stuck and are not able to differentiate between what is what. There are all kinds of heels available which are designed and produced using vario…
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Guide for a Petite Woman's Style

Ladies! I know that being petite and shorter than others makes you feel like absolute out of place and especially when you are getting ready for some special occasion. You would feel like

Let me tell you all the pretty ladies out there,you areust wonderful the way you are!
I have got some amazing ways using which you will look absolute stunner to the world.
Here are the different ways for my lovely ladies😚
#Heel it up Babe!
Illusion works πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
Well,the most obvious one! But wait that's not it. There are various heels like pumps,stilettos,boots, platforms and blah blah blah! You don't need to be lost in all of them.
AVOID strappy heels,big platforms and anything coming above the ankle length! Go for cleaner and subtle looks. They will give you the bet personality.
Be friends forever with BEIGE !
Because less is more!!!
Everyone love colors but you got to keep it monochrome or minimize the colors in your outfit so that it makes you look worth a m…